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Newtech, 2018

Advising an early-stage startup disrupting the last-mile delivery market in Europe with a VR twist

🏢, a team of veteran professionals with 10+ years experience in the world of global finance / US startups / IoT product companies.

⚡ The founders discovered a need, had a strong sense of a tech solution and needed advice in developing it into a complete service concept.

💡 Together with the founders we designed a series of research activities, workshops, offsites and prototyping rounds to validate the need and develop a shared vision.

✌️ Meeting reality, the concept changed dramatically several times, and finally a strong shared vision emerged. This enabled the team to move forward with their patents and investor pitches.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • Experience in working with early-stage startups
  • Being a partner for the founder, to have someone to bounce ideas off
  • Familiarity with the tech involved (VR, AI) as an engineer
  • Rapid prototyping / experimentation mentality from my service design experience
  • Organizing offsites and workshops for the team to develop a shared vision

💙 I loved the constant, rapid move from strategy to implementation and back. It was empowering to reconnect with my inner geek.

👥 As an independent innovation consultant

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