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Strategic, 2017

Getting a bottom-up innovation funnel off the ground

🏢 LogMeIn is a Boston based company providing cloud-based productivity services ($1 billion in revenue, 2017).

⚡ In 2017 they introduced a bottom-up innovation program, to find their next $1 billion product.

💡 Together with LogMeIn’s Chief Innovation Officer we designed a series of workshops to get the program up to speed. At the events participants worked themselves through new social / behavioral / technology and business trends to produce new product concepts.

✌️ LogMeIn selected several of the concepts and allocated resources to develop them into products.

💙 Personally I was most rewarded by how participants got enthusiastic about strategic design tools, and how these helped them to communicate their ideas better.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • It was my project from developing the lead, through involving a partner, scoping the project with LogMeIn’s Santa Barbara based innovation unit, to the delivery of workshops
  • One of my non-profit workshops, with LogMeIn’s Director of Innovation participating, sparked the idea of this workshops series
  • Experience in innovation processes and tools
  • My perspective on tech- and social trends
  • Workshop design and facilitation skills

👥 As an independent innovation consultant in partnership with Judit Boros

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