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Digital, 2017

From insight to product MVP in a month.

🏢 A French startup approached us to advise them in developing their insight into an insuretech product.

⚡ The elections in France posed an opportunity for a thematic MVP.

💡 We chose a classic lean cycle as a process:

  1. Understand: concepting workshops, desk research, prospect and user interviews
  2. Design: MVP scope with supported user journeys, functional wireframes, prototypes
  3. Learn and refine: Test prototypes with followup interviews, measure and start the cycle again with the insights gained.

✌️ The results of the first cycle prompted the founders to pivot for another industry. The MVP is currently in development in France.

💙 I enjoyed the challenge of understanding a complex idea aimed to disrupt a complex industry.

💰 As a contracting Product Design Lead I worked in a five person team with another UX Lead, a UX researcher, a UI designer and two brand strategists.

👥 As an independent consultant in partnership with Why Partners, a butique product design agency

#insuretech #productdesign #international