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Strategic, 2016

International service design for T-Mobile’s first unified pan-european offering

🏢 Deutsche Telekom (DT, T-Mobile’s parent co.) is Europe’s leading telecommunications provider (73,1 billion euros in revenue, 50 national companies, 60, customers)

⚡ Deutsche Telekom set out to design an * omnichannel customer care experience* for a new upmarket offering launched in 7 countries across Europe.

💡 The project team consisted of representatives from DT and the directors of customer experience of the participating 7 countries.

  • We designed a remote service design process with in-person workshops at key points of the process.
  • An initial scoping workshop mapped the customer journey stages and the areas of improvement (installation, first use, billing, cc, in-store experience).
  • Remote research conducted by our team collected the best practices from the participating countries.
  • We assembled a unified ideal customer journey from the best practices.
  • We prepared a cookbook of practices to aid the national companies to implement the unified customer journey.
  • New experimental solutions were prototyped and evaluated at different countries.

✌️ The new premium care journey increased customer satisfaction by 22%.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • The ability to design and lead service design projects
  • Consulting experience in large organizations
  • Design research and prototyping expertise

💙 My first take at leading an international service design project. Key takeaway: meeting in-person is so much more effective than remote collaboration, when it comes to strategic decision making.

👥 Working as a lead service designer at Isobar Budapest’s Service Design and Innovation team

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