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Strategic, 2016

Supervising a team of designers validating architectural plans from a service design perspective

🏢 The Museum of Hungarian Music, part of Budapest’s central park renewal project.

⚡ The project lead reponsible for the realization of the new museum wanted to validate the museum’s planned public spaces against customer needs.

💡 It was a short one moth project because of the many cascading deadlines given by building process. The tradeoff was going with less involvement, and more background work.

  1. Kick-off workshop with key stakeholders to have an inside-out perspective, with constraints and potential problem points mapped to the architectural plans.
  2. Interviews with future visitors for the outside-in perspective and a richer context. As the museum’s had a very borad target, we mostly went with edge cases.
  3. Journey mapping in space and time, with potential pain points identified.
  4. Final workshop where, together the museum’s project team and key stakeholders, we priorized problems and came up with initial solution ideas.

✌️ Many of our observations, like the need for a redesigned wayfinding solution, were implemented.

💰Value I brought to the project:

  • Knowledge trasfer to the team of designers
  • Experience with a broad set of service design tools
  • Consulting experience in navigating a large and complex organization

💙 This was the first time I worked closely with architects, and it was inspiring to see how they worked with physical space.

👥 As an independent service design lead in partnership with a small design shop

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