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Digital, 2016

Retaining loyal customers in a time of transformation

🏢 A Hungarian top 10 e-commerce company (50k visits per day, €30K in revenue).

⚡ Our client opted for complete website redesign for two reasons:

  • Once catering to a niche market, our client decided to introduce a wider range of offerings.
  • They acquired an online magazine recently, which had to be integrated into their existing content strategy.

💡 I led the month-long design strategy phase, and utilized a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods with heavy emphasis on data analysis to map the webstore’s current customer base and their attitude towards the current website and towards the proposed changes.

  1. Strategy
    • scoping
    • research planning
    • crunching CRM data (purchase history based segmentation)
    • contextual inquiries,
    • quantitative research (GA, surveys, behaviour-based segmentation, Customer Effort Score, perception-based segmentation) to back up insights with data,
    • qualitative followup (card sort, interviews, usability tests),
    • customer journey mapping,
    • establishing KPIs
  2. Brand identity: brand strategy, look and feel, content marketing strategy
  3. UX/UI: page flows, wireframes, UI designs, implementation support

✌️ The cross-examination of CRM-, behavioural- and perception-based segmentation painted a picture of drastically different customer groups. To accommodate the needs of both, our client had to make some difficult choices.

👥 As an independent consultant in partnership with Why Partners, a boutique product design agency

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