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Digital, 2016

Turning a custom financial data mining solution into a product

🏢 Datcore’s parent company is a software vendor specialized in custom data warehouse solutions for Hungary’s largest bank.

⚡ They founded a spinoff start-up to turn the custom solution into a product. We designed a vision to guide their product roadmap and serve as a tangible sales tool to secure funding and clients.

💡 As the product’s future users were hard to reach, we relied on gatekeepers, like the Datcore team’s business analysts and sales reps. Our process consisted of three main phases:

  1. Product strategy workshop: UVP, business goals, user groups and needs, use cases, MVP scope, project roadmap
  2. MVP UX design: IA, page flows, functional wireframes (Sketch, InVision), data visualizations, workshop between iterations
  3. MVP UI design and brand identity

✌️ Datcore was able to secure an initial investment, and operates successfully with 2.5Mio USD tunrover in 2017.

💙 I thrive on complexity, and this product was definitely wasn’t short of it. Luckily I had a great team to bounce off ideas with, to make sense of it and then to make it simple.

💰 As a contracting Product Design Lead I worked in a five person team with another UX Lead, two UI designers and a branding expert.

👥 As an independent consultant in partnership with Why Partners, a boutique product design agency

#finance #ux