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Strategic, 2015

A 1,5 year-long service design project across physical and digital channels

🏢 Hungarian Telekom (T-Mobile) serves millions of customers with integrated TV, phone, internet and mobile services.

⚡ Digital bill payment adoption at T-Mobile was below expectations, while stores suffered from low-value transactions, like physical bill payments.

💡 To tackle the complexity of a large organization, like T-Mobile we designed a participative design process. Participants from 20 departments worked together for a year to develop solutions to the challenge.
Team members took part in:

  • guided ethnographic research,
  • ideation and concepting workshops,
  • prototyping and testing rounds,
  • designed and evaluated pilot projects
  • and led the implementation of the new or improved services.

✌️The solutions improved adoption at key points of customer journeys reducing costs by 1 million dollars annually:

  1. In-store evangelists approached customers while they were waiting in line at the stores, and had them try online payment on their own devices
  2. Bill notification emails went out for all customers, with a no-password link to online bill payment
  3. Under banked customers were migrated out of stores to pay their bills at newspaper kiosks and post offices.

💰Value I brought to the project:

  • Familiarity with service design tools and ethos
  • Experience in workshop design and facilitation
  • Tech and UX background
  • Business experience as a Product Manager
  • International network of service designers

💙 Many of the client-side team members became advocates for design thinking inside T-Mobile, and this tribe of ours brought many more exciting projects later on.

👥 Working as a lead service designer at Isobar Budapest’s Service Design and Innovation team

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