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Digital, 2014

Designed several industrial data aquisition applications in-house

🏢 Cason Engineering plc. pioneered in industrial grade wireless communication technology, and provided automation and data acquisition solutions to the largest energy companies in the EMEA region.

⚡ As Cason’s team grew, it needed new software development processes and approaches.

💡 My team pioneered agile and human-centered approaches at the company.

  • Introduced agile scrum to the organization
  • Introduced UX, user research and UI prototyping
  • Developed a new cloud and front-end architecture
  • Worked closely together with other product teams and hardware development and production departments

✌️ We shipped several products over the course of 7 years to 20+ countries, that are still being used in critical industrial environments:

  • Diwicon Dashboard: a modular front-end system for industrial web applications
  • Fleet tracking web applications
  • Industrial data monitoring web applications
  • Energy data management s web applications for utilities (gas, water, electricity)

💙 Founding my way from software development, through web development to user experience design.

💰 Value I brought to the project:

  • Collecting specifications, scoping projects
  • Leading 3-5 person software development teams
  • UX research and design
  • UI design
  • Coding web applications
  • Implementation support
  • Communication with other departments
  • Supporting sales on the field
  • Building partnerships with partners, like Microsoft

👥 As a User Experience Developer at Cason Engineering plc.

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